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What is the Firewalk ?

Why walk on the embers at 600°C ?

Firewalking is a rite of passage in many cultures. It creates a bridge from one stage of life to another. By walking on its glowing embers, participants demonstrate their courage. By crossing the blaze, they demonstrate that they have reached an inner stage. Then the community integrates its member by giving him a new status, a new role, new functions and new benefits within the tribe.

In a company, the firewalking experience helps to unite the team around shared values, reinforcing the culture, the sense of belonging, and strengthening the bonds. Because of the intense emotions it brings, this experience of surpassing oneself is unforgettable for the team.

At IICH, when we do firewalks, we work with participants on limiting beliefs so that they can move beyond them and reach their full potential. In this way, the firewalk is an invitation. When the team member arrives at the blaze, he or she is confronted with himself or herself. This process of introspection allows them to identify their fears, their inner voices (“I can move forward safely” or “I’m going to get burned”), their conflicts, but also their inner strength to dare to trust, commit and let go. In front of the fire, before taking the first step on the coals, he becomes aware of his limiting beliefs and his possibilities. He can then choose to accept his limits or to go beyond them by taking the responsibility of committing himself to the objectives he has defined, and walk on the embers at 600°C. The crossing of the ember symbolizes the overcoming of one’s fears. At the moment of leaving the inferno, emotions are strong. This strong motivation allows you to take action. Then, at the end of the event, during a wisdom circle, each team member develops action plans and commits to carry them out in order to contribute to the achievement of the common objectives.

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