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The origin of Firewalking

Ancient tribes like Aborigines and Hindu used to firewalk as a ritual to symbolize the steps in life. It helped them to celebrate but also to empower the tribe’s members structuring their lives. After such event, the kid becomes a man and can have such responsibilities like hunting, a shelter, and getting married…

Why Walking on fire today ?

As a coaching technic, Firewalking has a amazing power of transformation. It can switch your consciousness toward limiting beliefs in few steps… Firewalking is a powerful metaphor that shows that what we think about life can be an illusion. We use the fire to transform limiting beliefs into strengthening beliefs that help oneself to achieve their dreams.

Firewalker coach

The main objectives of the Firewalk Coaching Worksop are :

Methodology :

Aware that the best way to learn is through experience, our training  and workshops are both theoretical and practical. The methodology is progressive and work with both right and left brain to strengthen the learning process.

Different metaphors are used to challenge beliefs system like glasswalking, boardbreaking, iron bar bending and firewalking.

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